Further Confusion 2017

San Jose CA

After hard work in Vegas, he says with a serious face, we hit the bay for party time with the wests' biggest bestest fur con. These are your Further Confusion 2017 photos.

This show was a special one for me. The con had asked to use images for publication, and cleared me for media coverage. This is awesomely inspiring for encouraging a higher grade of photography, while terrifyingly demanding. I definitely appreciate the opportunity.

CES 2017

Las Vegas NV

It's a new year, and that means the craziest new tech. Welcome to CES 2017.

For 2017, we focus out attention on gaming gear. All the Mechanical keyboards, key switches, mice, and hardcore fragger hardware you can handle. Check out the live photo stream of CES 2017 here.

New this year, out first live video coverage from ground zero, CES show floor. Make sure you are following the YouTube channel to be notified.

Biggest Little Fur Con 2016

Reno NV

Nevada tour complete! We're finishing with Vegas' little brother, and the Biggest Little Fur Con 2016 photo stream.

This was 2016's big road trip. Blown trans, all the twists, Vegas things.

Minus the CSI things.

Further Confusion 2016

San Jose CA

I'm secretly writing this days before Further Confusion 2017. Shh~!

Looking back at this album from a technical perspective, I'm hyper enjoying the colour rendition. A particular pastel tone across the event. Scary thinking this is the last major event with the Nikon D3s before it's succeeded and the learning starts again.

Thanks for everyones support! The reception of the Further Confusion 2016 photo stream is inspiring.

And, onward to 2017's event just days away!

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