Further Confusion 2013

There's people here already since when?

I'll be at Further Confusion 2013. You'll get the photo stream.

UPDATE 2013-01-23: Road To photos live!

UPDATE 2013-01-25: Day 1 photos go!

Consumer Electronics Show 2013

Playing with the hottest tech toys that need to exist -- now.

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2013, photo stream.

No other expo touches CES for its mass of content, unveilings, and size. I'm in love.

Please geek responsibly.

Rainfurrest 2012

Don't look. I'm naked.

Everyone's heard by now. The Randy mobile didn't make it home in one piece. She will live again. Faster! Stronger!

Rainfurrest 2012 photo collection.

Feel free to repost con photos to your personal galleries and blogs. Cred can go to Randorn at Fur Affinity.

Hope you enjoy the photos. All the love to Charm Husky for Best of Show. Infos on light badges and a super secret project coming soon. Much luffs. =3

Light Badge

Heard you like the shinies.

I was lucky enough to finish the new light badge for Califur and Anthrocon. A bunch of y'all folks were kind enough to walk up and mention it.

Well, thank you all. It's still in prototyping. + me on Furaffinity where I'll announce availability in the next couple months.

Side note, still uploading Anthrocon 2012 piccies. I know, I'm slow, give me a moment. =.=

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