Hello, sexy.

Live coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas. It's a big year for gaming and media. My sweet sin, the Nikon D5 announced. Check out the gallery for sample shots all the way to ISO 3.3 million.

2016 is the year of esports. Big hits in mechanical keyboards, hardcore mice, and racing chairs!

Rainfurrest 2014

Seattle WA

Quickly pushing the photo stream.

Catching up on convention piccies now with major summer projects done. House still needs repairs, but that's a story for another day.

At least I have a car again. x.x

UPDATE 2014-09-30: Day 2 (my first day shooting) up now.

UPDATE 2014-10-03: Rainfurrest 2014 is up and done! Reposting convention piccies to personal blogs and galleries is okay. Linking to the origin, randorn.com, Fur Affinity, or my Twitter is always +karma. X3

Biggest Little Fur Con 2014

In all my nine years...

What happens when you put furries in a party city? Surprising tameness!

All them normies floating the halls kept the roaming parties down. Diggin' the tight single con space, though.

BLFC is another for the cons to attend. Check out the BLFC 2014 photo stream.

VancouFur 2014

Dropping cell coverage better than anyone!

Hang in there, Randy-mobile. You can make it! Please tires last a hot minute.

Failed logistics aside, VancouFur makes the cons to attend list. Anytime I can avoid borders is a win.

The VancouFur 2014 photostream quick online now!

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