Anthrocon 2011 Report

Anthrocon 2011 is a wrap. Let the PCD begin!

The con has officially come to an end. It's been one spectacularly hectic one. 4396 photos so far, and there's still the dead dog.

Thanks to everyone who said hello. Please enjoy the noms.

Oh by the way, I do make those little wooden tags myself (shameless plug goes here). I can make larger con badges, aluminum dog tags, and lots more. If that's something you like, drop a message in my FurAffinity.

And of course, my Anthrocon 2011 photo gallery.

Anthrocon 2011

Livestreaming from the biggest con in the world!

Starting today, I'll be livestreaming photographs from Pittsburgh.

So okay, the show doesn't start until Thursday. An unexpected change in flights means I'll be traveling across the country -- right now.

Keep an eye on my Anthrocon 2011 Flickr Collection for an up to the minute-ish look.

Got Wood

Would you like some?

Those of you frequenting the cons may catch me sporting one of these. Laser etched into alder. Looks great, smells great, tastes -- awful, wooden badge.

There's been other folk in the past charging insane dollars for these. I'm going to change the landscape here. Not gouging the fandom.

Drop me a message. You could win one free while I'm still learning the machine.

Breaking things down and doing the Tyco.

Once again faced with the limitations of old software, it's time for an update.

On this innumerable revision, I'll be focusing on connecting all the bits of media I have floating across the internet. The goal is to demonstrate the variety of projects I have under me.

Photography and graphics serve the bulk of my interests here. Coming very soon, some very interesting mediums.

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