Fur-Eh! 2012

No, I will not work for your con.

The idea for an Alberta's own convention isn't new. It's been a dream since my high school days. 2012 will mark the Fur-Eh! inaugural year, and the year we finally got off our lazy asses.

Fur-Eh! is Edmonton's mid-spring furry convention. I've been barely skirting actually staffing, and because of that the con went amazing well. Over 200 attendees from across North America, whole lotta fursuits, and a Russian bellhop named Igor. Perfect.

Best of luck next year. And, Fur-Eh! 2012 Photostream.

Further Confusion 2012

A new year, a commitment to an insane level of photography.

Something tells me 2012 will be a killer con year. I love photography. It's my art and trade. The feedback from all you folk out there is inspiring. Thank you.

Further Confusion 2012 is done -- now. Busy, busy sorting and picking the piccys. All 6000 of them. x.x

By the way, do you like the wooden engravings? I make those. Anyhow, may I present your Further Confusion 2012 Photostream.

CES 2012

Ultrabooks, super phones, and really thin TVs.

The Consumer Electronics Show invites RC3n in covering the release of every newest electronics gizmo.

CES is a monster showing of bleeding edge coming out in the new year. Everything you need in new laptops, phones, audio, and video. Throw in the unexpected talking fridge, bedazzling light bulb, and mind reading computer.

Piccys in this topic are blazing hot. This moment, there's a good scoop in the photostream.

Rainfurrest 2011

The best of the northwest.

One more show for everyone here. I'll be touring the northwest and making a stop at Rainfurrest.

Keep checking my Rainfurrest 2011 Flickr Collection for the 0-day. As always, re-posting on your site is okay. =3

Do you like the business cards? Hit up my Fur Affinity about getting yourself a laser engraved wooden badge.

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