Further Confusion 2014

I miss the simple things. Like food.

Missing some really good people. It's decided, everyone moves here now.

The show's lit up! Check the Further Confusion 2014 photostream for the entire run.

CES 2014

Repeat after me: wearable tech.

World's biggest of world first, world thinnest, world smartiest, and world worldiest tech.

The CES 2014 photo stream for the coolest stuff ever, and the reason I can't buy anything fearing obsolescence.

Snowballed. No, not like that, sicko.

Just a teensy bit behind on the photos.

They're coming, I promise. I love you all that remember me!

Meanwhile, Road To and Day 1 Anthrocon.

Big news! I posted to Furaffinity. This cutie is Sprocket.

Console wars: fighting to stay relevant.

It's a big year for console. Sony versus Microsoft. Redmond's taking jabs, but they ain't dead yet.

Check the photo stream for the score.

I'm a PC.

UPDATE 2013-06-11: Road To up. What are they planning?

UPDATE 2013-06-12: Day 1 is what you've been waiting for.

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