Anthrocon 2012 Award 1

Dog Drool and Kitty Piddle?

You all know Randy here is crazy photo happy at the cons. I love to shoot everything I can point a paw at. I especially like to shoot the fuzzy things.

Every gathering there's a few stand out fuzz butts that are particularly fun to photograph. The vibrant, playful, and outrageously adorable. Anthrocon 2012 delivers a whole litter of them unto me.

Anthrocon 2012 Award 2

If I have to pick, though, two of the very specially fun ones to give them all the admiration I have and shower them in love -- what would happen?

Awards begin! Damn right I'm starting my own fursuiter awards.

For Anthrocon 2012, the award for best fursuiters goes to Shia Cabbit and Skye Fox!

Anthrocon 2012 Award 3

Both of you are great performers, dancers, incredibly fun people, *mumbles softly* and really cute. So~ congratulations Shia and Skye. I hope you enjoy the Kitty Piddle and Dog Drool soda. XP

Of course, photos of these two and everyone in the Anthrocon 2012 Photostream.